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Course directors:

Vito Flaker, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Michaela Moser, University of St. Pölten, Austria
Mari Nordstrand, Sor-Trondelag University College, Norway

Course description:

Social work has a long history at the Inter-University Centre (IUC) in Dubrovnik. The Centre provides a post-graduate level set of social work courses for social work professors, and students, but also practitioners and service-users.

The courses provide an excellent opportunity to discuss contemporary issues in social work, while in a stunning environment and with good

people. In contrast, with more impersonal conferences and congresses, spending a week in a company of other engaged people enables in-depth dialogue and discourse, whilst facilitating the development of productive and collaborative relationships.

Participants are encouraged to contribute either in the form of a paper, workshop or any other appropriate means of presenting. Contributions may

be related to the transversal topics or to selected course subject. The courses are conducted over fve days, with morning and afternoon sessions. Their pattern is flexible and will be collaboratively determined at the outset of a symposium. The programme is offered at postgraduate level. Advanced, highly motivated undergraduate students are accepted with at least one letter of reference. The language of the school is English.

Those interested in taking any of the courses may register with the IUC secretariat, school organising director, course organising director and/or any of the course directors by providing name, address, academic standing and afliation. Applications for admission to a course should be sent to the organising course director and to the IUC secretariat in Dubrovnik. The course directors decide about admission. Every participant receives a statement of participation. All participants are expected to actively participate throughout the fve days, attending plenary sessions, small group sessions, feld trips and other programmes of the annual symposia.

Two ECTS are awarded for participation, fve ECTS for active participation (slides or abstract), ten ECTS for active participation and a published report and ffteen ECTS for active participation and a published and reviewed academic article. ECTS are awarded and certifed by course directors. However, it is the participants’ responsibility to make the arrangements with their home establishment for validation of the credits awarded if such an arrangement does not already exist.

The Inter-University Centre has some options for supporting participants

who attend IUC programmes:

— Scholarships of the Croatian Ministry of Science, Education and Sports;

— IUC support.

School organising director: Vito Flaker E-mail: vito.flaker@fsd.uni-lj.si

Assistant director: Vera Grebenc E-mail: vera.grebenc@fsd.uni-lj.si

June organising director: Linda Rothman, E-mail: Linda.Rothman@han.nl

September organising director: Jana Mali, E-mail: jana.mali@fsd.uni-lj.si

Fee per course/symposium:

EUR 90 for faculty and practitioners and

EUR 60 for students

Payable to the IUC at the time of the event.

Course lecturers:

Ivana Milas Klarić, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Vito Flaker, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Dinka Caha, University of Osijek, Croatia
Nina Schiøll Skjefstad, Sor-Trondelag University College, Norway
Mari Nordstrand, Sor-Trondelag University College, Norway