3 – 8 April 2017        Send to printer

Course directors

Hong Yu Wong, University of Tübingen, Germany
Matthew Nudds, University of Warwick, United Kingdom

Course description:

Perception is a key topic for philosophers of mind, psychologists and cognitive neuroscientists. Recent scientific findings call for radical revisions to our traditional philosophical and scientific conceptions of how it is that we are aware of ourselves and experience the world around us. In particular, we have evidence that sensory processing is largely multisensory. However, as of yet, there is no agreed upon unified framework to account for this flood of new results.

The school will bring together leading researchers in the field to provide a unique opportunity for early career researchers (ECRs) in philosophy, psychology, and neuroscience to gain specialist training in the new interdisciplinary field of multisensory perception.

Core objectives:

• To enable ECRs working on multisensory perception to benefit from the knowledge and expertise of philosophers, psychologists and neuroscientists working at the forefront of the field.

• To provide an interdisciplinary environment for ECRs to grasp and discuss the fundamental questions about multisensory perception.

• To highlight key areas of research which are particularly promising for further investigation, to help direct and motivate ECRs’ future work.

• To establish a network of ECRs working in the field of multisensory perception and nurture future collaborations.

Course lecturers

Charles Spence, University of Oxford, United Kingdom
Colin Blakemore, School of Advanced Study, London, United Kingdom
Andy Bramner, University of London, United Kingdom
Ophelia Deroy, School of Advanced Study, London, United Kingdom
Marc Ernst, University of Bielefeld, Germany
Fiona Macpherson, University of Glasgow, United Kingdom
Mike Martin, University College London, United Kingdom
Uta Noppeney, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom
Salvador Soto-Faraco, Universitat Pompeu Fabre Barcelone, Spain
Frederique de Vignemont, Jean Nicod Institute, Paris, France

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