2 – 7 September 2019        Send to printer

Course directors

Goran Gretić, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Zoran Kurelić, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Wolfgang Heuer, Free University of Berlin, Germany
Waltraud Meints-Stender, University of Applied Sciences Niederrhein, Germany
Cristina Sanchez, Autonomus University of Madrid, Spain

Course description:

In times of multiple crisis which the world faces since the beginning o the 21th century the self understanding of a European modernity is once again on the agenda.

It seems that Europe is not only once again on a turning point since 1989, but that the diverse effects of the crisis: war, terror, social injuctice, migration and refugee movements on a massive scale, recurrying ideologies like nationalism, antisemitism, rassism, sexism and homophobia question the fundamental framework of Europe.

All these events question the self understanding of Europe and to question to the same time our concepts and ideas: Can they correspond and understand what is happening or do we have to rethink them in the light of recent events, or does the crises highlight their constitutinal weakness with comes through the crises to the fore?

In the course, we will discuss the importance of common European values, social justice, the idea of federalism, the emergence of populism and nationalism.

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