8 – 14 March 2020        Send to printer

Course directors

Lucija Sokanović, University of Split, Croatia
Davor Derenčinović, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Aleksandar Maršavelski, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Richard Paul Farkas, DePaul University, Chicago, United States
Michael Kilchling, Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law, Freiburg, Germany
Besa Arifi, South East European University, Tetovo , Macedonia
Enis Omerović, University of Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Course description:

The course is open to interested participants from academia (undergraduate students in higher years of study, postgraduate students, doctoral candidates, junior researchers), practice (governmental institutions, courts, attorney offices, NGOs etc.), journalists and others. The working language is English; therefore proficiency in English is required.

The course format foresees an active involvement of participants through their participation in the moot court competition, as well as through the less formal discussions during the free time. Interested participants will have the possibility to present their own papers/PhD projects relevant to the topics before a competent panel of senior researchers and professionals. The number of participants is limited to 40.

The participation/attendance certificate issued by the course director and IUC Dubrovnik is equivalent to 4 ECTS, also sponsored by the Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb. The simple online application form will be open until 1 December 2019. For further questions please contact the Course coordinator Dr Aleksandar Marsavelski (aleksandar.marsavelski@pravo.hr).

Official web page of the course.

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