Deep Intelegent Mining

15 – 20 October 2018        Send to printer

Course directors

Vječislav Bohanek, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Philipp Hartlieb , Montanuniversität Leoben, Austria
Roman Dychkovskyi, National Mining University, Ukraine

Course description:

The Dubrovnik International ESEE Mining school brings together international experts in the field of raw materials in the heart of the ESEE Region. Within the thematic workshops and project work the focus lies on direct knowledge transfer from renowned experts to the participants, but also the creation of an open dialogue between graduate students, scholars, researchers, the industry and the wider society.

Under the 2018 topic Deep intelligent mining DIM ESEE project partners will discuss several important questions and topics: What characterises a deep mine? What characterises an intelligent mine? What are the major problems in deep mines and how can we mitigate / solve them? How can we make a deep mine more “intelligent”?

Main challenges of deep mining including the lack of precise knowledge of the deposit and the geological aspects, the management of uncertainties, and the economic viability and funding for the development of deep mines.

Management of rock pressure: Deep mines are characterised by complicated stress conditions leading to hard to control fragmentation and breakage of material, control of effects on surface, seismic events and associated safety and support measures.

Health and safety and risk management in deep mining including occupational health & safety, process safety, increased ventilation demand and management of the high temperatures.

Application of explosives under a technically specific challenges in deep mines, with link to health and safety management.

The programme offer 4 ECTS credits and requirements are seminar paper and practical work.

Course lecturers

Philipp Hartlieb , Montanuniversität Leoben, Austria
Alfred Maier, Montanuniversität Leoben, Austria
Waldemar Korzeniowski, AGH University of Science and Technology, Poland
Dmytro Maltsev , National Mining University, Ukraine
Olena Sdvizkova , National Mining University, Ukraine
Roman Dychkovskyi, National Mining University, Ukraine
Dmytro Rudakov, National Mining University, Ukraine
Marian Šofranko, Tehnical University of Košice, Slovakia
Mark Ganster, Austin Powder International, Austria
Imre Gombkötő, EIT Raw Materials, Hungary
Klaudia Kupčikova, Tehnical University of Košice, Slovakia
Felix Gaul, Wolfram Bergbau und Hütten AG, Austria

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