12 – 15 February 2018        Send to printer

Course directors

Gabriele Mancuso , University of Bologna, Italy
Tullia Catalan , University of Trieste, Italy
Naida Michal Brandl , University of Zagreb, Croatia
Andrea Feldman, University of Zagreb, Croatia

Course description:

Jewish Studies Winter School will enable students (graduate and postgraduate alike) to convene once a year and exchange their knowledge, research experieances and ideas on different topics in the history, religion, literature, philosophy, languages and politics of the Jews. Chronologically it will encompas Early Modern to Contemporary period. It is our intention to offer a forum to discuss in a comparative perspective Jewish history and culture in Europe and beyond. We would like to design it as an interdisciplinary course, that will prepare participants for discussion and research broadly defined Jewish history and culture. We intend to offer our participants with a wide scope of interests, a place where they will be encouraged to test their ideas and discuss their findings.

*The programme doesnʹt offer ECTS credits.

Course lecturers

Vesna Miovic, University of Dubrovnik, Croatia
Zrinka Podhraški Čizmek , University of Split, Croatia
Miriam Davide, University of Trieste, Italy
Andrea Feldman, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Naida Michal Brandl , University of Zagreb, Croatia

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