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Course directors

Ana Štambuk, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Jana Mali, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Course description:

The programme will start on Monday, 11th of September 2017 at 10:00h in the Inter-University Centre Dubrovnik, Don Frana Bulića 4.

Except on Monday we will start everyday at 9:00 and finish until 16:00.

For more information about the programme please look at the documents to download:

Open frameprogramme- September 2017

Summariescollectionfor September 2017

The increasing and continually changing needs of the older generation are issues which have occupied professionals from various fields in recent years. For social work, demographical changes pose a significant interest. Older people have moved from being a marginal concern in the middle of the 20th century, to one of central importance for social work in this century. The specific nature of social work lies in transversal understanding of older people, their needs, and in the assertion of the user as a partner in the helping process. In this course, we explore how social work is tackling this challenge.

Thisyearwewillapply a new format of courses in order to allow more collaboration among the courses of The Schoolfor Social Work Theory and Practice. All four courses from the fall period are working together on the topics that transverseth eboundaries of course themes.

Collaborative courses in the fall 2017:

Social Work and Social Policies

Social Work and Deinstitutionalisation

Social Work with Old Age

Social Work and Spirituality


Long-term Care

Social Work in Natural and Political Catastrophes

Social Work and Activism

For more detailed information see the document to download: School of Social WorkFlyer 2017 or School of Social WorkProgramme 2017

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