Blame it on Brussels – EU Law and Distributive Effects of Globalisation

22 – 28 April 2018        Send to printer

Course directors

Tamara Ćapeta, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Iris Goldner Lang, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Sigmar Stadlmeier, Johannes Kepler University, Linz, Austria
Marise Cremona, European University Institute, Florence, Italy

Course description:

The 16th Annual Jean Monnet Dubrovnik Seminar (Inter University Centre, Dubrovnik) will concentrate on the topic “Blame it on Brussels – EU Law and Distributive Effects of Globalisation”. As recent events, particularly Brexit, shed doubt on the traditional legal narrative of EU integration as beneficial to most citizens, the event seeks to examine two main questions. First, did EU law cause or accentuate any inequality in Europe (e.g. for low skilled labour) or are such inequalities the result of different causes (e.g. globalisation, technical progress). Second, how could the EU address such inequality and make more visible the positive sides of integration and its contribution to equality.

The main 6 day event will combine two types of activities: lectures (morning) and young researchers’ presentations (afternoon). It will bring together well-established academics, young researchers, students, judges, policy-makers etc., coming from the EU, Western Balkans and USA. Their interaction will lead to new ideas and knowledge, innovation, cross-fertilisation, and the spread of European content.

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