16 – 20 September 2013   print this page

Conference organizers:

Silvia Ghilezan , University of Novi Sad, Serbia

Zvonimir Šikić, University of Zagreb, Croatia

Andre Scedrov, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, United States

Zoran Ognjanović, Mathematical Institute SANU, Belgrade, Serbia

Conference description:

During the last decades mathematical logic has become the calculus of

computer science and artificial intelligence, and has provided foundations

for many areas in that field. Following those achievements, the conference

will explore issues which are interesting both from the theoretical point

of internal development (proof-theoretic and model-theoretic approaches to

intuitionistic, classical, modal, substructural, intermediate logics,

category theory, proof theory, etc.) and as possible tools for

representing and reasoning about important concepts in computation: lambda

calculus as the core calculus underlying many programming languages, and

applicable to many important fields, such as concurrency, verification of

software and complex and/or distributed systems. Another group of the

conference topics addresses theoretical work on uncertainty (for example:

probability logics, multi-valued logics, fuzzy logic, possibility logic,

non-monotonic logics) with possible applications to real-world reasoning

as a fragment of artificial intelligence (default reasoning, incomplete

and/or inconsistent knowledge systems, argumentation systems, etc.).

Finally, applications of computer science to mathematical logic will be

also considered: complexity theory, development of complete and

semi-complete decision procedures, approximate reasoning procedures,

theorem provers, and the other formal reasoning systems with application

to systems for decision support.