Inter-University Centre Dubrovnik

An independent international centre for advanced studies

IUC is located in the vicinity of the Dubrovnik historical centre, at the address Don Frana Bulića 4.

The building, originally a school constructed in the first years of the 20th century, was offered in 1971 by City of Dubrovnik to the University of Zagreb for the needs of of the IUC as well as other postgraduate studies programmes.

In December 1991 the building housing the IUC was shelled, burned down, and was completely destroyed by the ex-Yugoslav army.

In the period between December 1991 and October 1993 the IUC Secretariat was located in a small space of Matrix Croatica on Placa, and a few programmes that did take place in Dubrovnik were held in Dubrovnik hotels and in the School of Music. Other IUC courses and conferences were held in exile, in several European countries and even in the United States. In October 1993, the IUC returned to the old address in the reconstructed and partly refurbished building, where it cohabitates with several programmes of the University of Zagreb.

In 1995 the IUC received donations from the Open Society Institutes in Zagreb and Budapest and from a number of German universities which contributed to the further refurbishment of the building and to the purchase of furniture and inventory for its educational efforts.

The building has a large conference hall which can accommodate 110 participants, 7 classrooms of different sizes, a tele-conferencing room, two cabinets and a library. The conference hall and classrooms are equipped with PowerPoint and overhead projectors. Facilities for simultaneous translation is also available.

The library, located on the first floor, is composed as joint collection of the IUC and of several programmes of the University of Zagreb. The IUC part comprises some 10000 volumes donated by various IUC member universities, individual professors/course organisers and publishers from different parts of the world. Shelves have been donated by the American Embassy in Zagreb, the OSI Zagreb, and the Swiss Embassy in Zagreb.


Participants in IUC courses and conferences have a computer room with internet connection and printer at their disposal every work day from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. The computer room is used both for every day communication and for preparation of seminar papers and course presentations.

Photocopying of work material and handouts is also available.

A central courtyard with 4 old chestnut trees contributes to the atmosphere of the building since many social and academic gatherings take place there.